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Wick and Candle Care Guide

We all love burning a wonderfully scented candle, especially when you are inside, fireplace going and watching a movie. The moment becomes PRICELESS! But do you know that you need to care for your candle? No, well you came to the right place.... In order for your candle to last and provide hours upon hours of happiness, you need to care for your candle. How so you ask?  Every candle has a memory burn, if not burned long enough on the first burn and that is edge to edge fully melted (also called a full melt pool), your wonderful candle will create a memory ring and will tunnel for the life of your candle. 

Your first burn is critical and very important. We suggest burning for 3-4 hours on your first burn  (thats around 1 hour per inch in width), this will ensure the top layer of your candle is fully melted so the next time you light your wonderfully smelltacular scented Candle, the memory burn will continue to be happy and melt evenly. 

Your candle is screaming for HELP! Your too late and your candle tunneled:  How to fix? Well , you can place your candle on a candle warmer and this will allow the your candle wax to evenly melt. You can also wrap your lighted candle in foil wrap and this will keep the heat in and melt your wax evenly or you can scrape your wax inside to get a even level of wax and melt with a hair dryer or a candle warmer. During this time do not trim your wick as you need to have that wick longer to have the flame size burning the wax to an even melting point.  It's best to do these steps as soon as you notice a memory ring happening and so that the candle does not get worst and you cannot light anymore (how sad that will be :-( ) 

Trim your wick: This not only helps your candle burn cleaner but it also looks pretty. Who wants a black mushroom sitting on top of the wick, I know I don't.  Before lighting your candle (after the first burn of course) trim your wick to 1/4" every time you burn to avoid the emission of black smoke and reside. All candles do not equally release as much carbon as others but still a good practice to do. Trimmed wicks make for a cleaner burn with less smoky residue.  Great tool to use is a Wick Trimmer, easy and clean to use. Should the inside of your candle jar have residue, carefully use a paper towel to wipe the inside glass clean (do not use chemicals and make sure your candle is not lit)

As always never leave a candle unattended and keep away from drafts, children and pets. Keep your candle on a heat resistance surface and do not blow out your candle but do use a heat resistant cover to smother the flame. Like our candles, you can use the jar lid to place back on your candle to smother the flame and your all ready for next use. Most candle jars are reusable and can be just cleaned out with soapy water and used for storage or decoration. 

Your candles smell good enough to eat:  Do NOT eat your candles. They are only meant to spread a wonderful smelltacular scented aroma throughout your space and not meant to be eaten but to be enjoyed through smell!


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