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Hand Balm | Revered for men
Hand Repair Balm | Revered for men

All Natural Hand Repair Balm

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Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin! Our All Natural Hand Repair Balm gives your hands the quick-fix they need to feel soft and happy again - 'cause nothing's better than hands that look like a million bucks (without breaking the bank!) Plus, it's loaded with essential oils for extra nourishment. Your hands deserve a second chance - let's give it to 'em!

This magical balm is perfect for nourishing damaged skin - just apply a pea-sized dab, rub it in, and you'll be as good as new! So slap some of this balm on your paws, and you'll soon be giving out a high five worthy of a hero! 

Get your hands soft and hydrated naturally with our All Natural Hand Repair Balm! This powerful balm is a medley of calendula, shea, cocoa and jojoba butters blended with tea tree and lemon essential oils. 2oz of natural goodness that will make your hands feel like a million bucks!