Ladies Man Swalls & Swass Powder for men
Swalls & Swass mens powder

Swalls and Swass Powder

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Swalls & Swass Men's Body Powder offers a talc-free, highly effective solution for men seeking to stay dry, comfortable, and odor-free. With its gentle texture and versatile use, it's the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy all-day freshness and confidence without the discomfort of excessive sweating and chafing. Don't let swalls and swass hold you back; take control of your comfort today!



Our Swalls & Swass body powder is entirely talc-free. Our powder is designed to not only keep you dry but also to eliminate unpleasant odors, ensuring you feel fresh and confident throughout the day.


How to Use: 

Measure out the required amount of product into your hand, then lean over and apply the powder onto problem regions.( the ladies will appreciate this too, wink wink).  Should you experience any irritation or rash, stop using the product.   Use it in your underarms, on your chest, between your thighs, or anywhere you need to stay dry and comfortable.



We got 'em! Arrowroot, Corn Starch, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, Tapioca Starch, Essential/Fragrance Oils... Plus, no Talc! Yippee!


 Standard Size: 5.6oz , 160gr flip top easy pour
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