Visit us at St.Jacobs Farmers Market, 878 Weber St N, Woolwich ON every Thursday 8am-3pm and Saturday 7am-3:30pm and at The 400 Market, Innisfil ON every Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm | REMEMBER TO TRIM YOUR WICK EVERY TIME BEFORE LIGHTING YOUR CANDLE

Lavender | Best Soy Candles
Lavender | Soy Candles


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Welcome to a fragrant, flowery paradise! Our Lavender scented candle will take you straight to the source - a sun-kissed lavender field in bloom. Experience the timeless, classic scent for yourself and take a whiff of pure, floral relaxation. You'll never get bored of this one! 

Escape to a cozy evening of relaxation with Lavender, the 6.50oz candle delight! Enjoy 35hrs+ of heavenly aromas, no wick worries, and no icky black residue - just trim and you'll be good to go. Let your home be filled with calm, light, and sweet aromas - a perfect way to end your day! 🤗