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Trim your wick | Scents By Shaizy
Wick Trimmer | Scents By Shaizy

Wick Trimmer

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Making sure your candles burn cleanly and last until the last second doesn't have to be awkward! With this Wick Trimmer, you can say goodbye to the scissors and say hello to easy wick trimming. It fits perfectly in your candle jar, so you don't have to get into awkward hand positions for the perfect trim. Obsessed with candles? This Wick Trimmer is a must-have! 

Tame any wick with our Wick Trimmer! This 7" long pewter trimmer trims wicks and catches 'em good, all while weighing just 72 grams. Say goodbye to wild wicks and hello to this superb tool!

Check out our Wick and Candle Care Guide here TRIM YOUR WICK