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Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrubs

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Meet your ideal lip companion and unleash irresistibly smooth and hydrated lips, while bidding farewell to dead skin cells. Infuse vibrancy into your pout and face the day with confidence and a refreshed 'zing'!

Lip Scrub texture

Indulge your lips in a touch of sweetness and tender care! Dive into an enticing selection of five delightful scents designed to captivate your senses. Experience the ultimate exfoliation for a flawlessly puckered finish – rest assured, you'll soon be relishing these delightful flavors!

Coconut - Experience sweet, creamy heaven for a tropical escape

Cherry Delightful fusion of red cherries, fresh fruit syrup, and a hint of fun

Strawberry - Satisfy your sweet tooth with vine-picked strawberries and sugared vanilla

Watermelon - A burst of juicy classic sweetness of ripe watermelon

Creamsicle - Smooth blend of sweet orange and decadent cream

Limeade -Freshness of crisp limes and raw cane sugar


benefits to lip scrubs



How to Use:

Simply apply a small amount, gently massage in a circular motion for approximately 30 seconds, then rinse or wipe off. Follow up with a nourishing lip balm or treatment. Avoid excessive exfoliation to prevent sensitivity. The frequency of use depends on your individual needs, but using it once or twice a week is a commonly recommended guideline. (And for obvious reasons, we advise against ingestion.)

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Sugar for exfoliation, Avocado Oil that is rich in vitamins & minerals to hydrate , promote softness and keep lips supple, Jojoba Oil for nutrient rich properties and to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture.  Cocoa Butter adds a protective hydrating layer to lips, helping protect them from extreme temperatures and indoor heat that can leave your lips dried out, Beeswax forms a moisturizing, protective layer on the surface of the lips , Infused with flavor for a delectable and enjoyable taste—just remember, please do not eat. Vitamin E boosts circulation and may help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer, All Natural Color for a touch of vibrancy

Standard Size: 1 oz of scrub-tastic sugary goodness.  

The perfect size for your purse or pocket

  • Handmade in Canada
  • Pawsitively Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben and Phthalate-free scents
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