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Ladies Man Swalls & Swass Powder for men
Swalls & Swass mens powder

Swalls and Swass Powder

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Cure your swalls and swass for good with Swalls & Swass mens body powder!  This special powder has you covered (literally), with a unique blend of ingredients that help eliminate unwanted wetness and odor so you always feel fresh. Plus, no more chafing due to its soft, silky texture! Put an end to the swamp today!  

Measure out the required amount of product into your hand, then lean over and apply the powder onto problem regions.( the ladies will appreciate this too, wink wink).  Should you experience any irritation or rash, stop using the product.    

Ingredients? We got 'em! Arrowroot, Corn Starch, Baking Soda, Kaolin Clay, Tapioca Starch, Essential/Fragrance Oils... Plus, no Talc! Yippee!