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Why did my Candle turn color or fade?   We do not use ultraviolet stabilizers in our Candles which would prevent discoloring but also would clog the wicks if you do not know the amounts to use. We make our candles in small batches and prefer to not add additives for the odd chance of getting a dud candle.  Usually discolor will occur to a candle that has been sitting in sunlight or under bright lights for too long.  Don't worry, your candle will still have the same scent. Keeping your unused Candles placed in a dark place until next use will help keep your original color.

Why can't I smell my Candle?  Burn your candle for longer and the scents will release soon enough.  Move your candle to a smaller room to test the scent.  Did you become "Scent Blind", this can happen if you have an extended amount of time in one room, go outside take a break and come back in, we are sure you will smell your smelltacular scent again.  make sure your candle is away from drafts including ceiling fans.  Use the candle lid to cover your candle when not in use and also use this lid to extinguish your flame, this keeps the smoke inside the jar and not in the air. 

My Soy Candle looks Bumpy and Rough?  This is called frosting and let's you know we are using 100% Pure Soy Wax.  We are proud of this natural look that is made from Soy Beans to create a cleaner burn that is non-toxic and better for you and the environment.  Praise the Bumpy and Rough look as this is natural and will never affect the performance of your candle and scent. 

What is special about your Oils you use in your Candles?  We pick the highest quality scented oils that are paraben and phthalate-free and are also skin safe.  Making a Essential Oil candle was on our list until our research taught us that burning Essential Oils can lose their beneficial properties and could be toxic. 

Do you use lead wicks?  Absolutely not! 

How long should a Wax Melt Last?  Depending on the scent 1 Wax cube should last from 4 to 6 hrs. 

How can I remove my wax melts when I want to replace with another scent?  Simply warm your warmer for a few minutes and you can easily use a paper towel to remove your wax. Our Wax is made with soy blend and is so easy to handle.  You even get a small spatula with every purchase of Wax Melts to help you remove your cooled wax.  Do not use sharp objects to remove your wax as this will damage your melter. 

When do you ship out orders?  All orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hrs unless otherwise specified.

Do you deliver?  Yes we do.  We are based out of Oro-Medonte Ontario.  Our checkout process has a local delivery option.  If you can select this option, then you are in our delivery area.  We love meeting our customers.  

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