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Body Oil | Handmade Ontario
Body and Massage Oil | Scents by Shaizy
Vanilla Lace Body Oil | Scents by Shaizy
Fruity Passion | Body Oil | Scents by Shaizy
Sweet Sugar Body Oil | made in Ontario
Coconut Body Oil | Scents by Shaizy
Unscented Body Oil | Scents by Shaizy
Lavender Body Oil | Scents by Shaizy

Relaxing Body & Massage Oils

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Treat yourself to the heavenly blend of our Relaxing Body & Massage Oil! Nourish skin with natural moisture, thanks to the 100% plant-based ingredients like Rice Bran Oil for improved circulation and Shea Nut Oil for added vitamins like A, E, F, and essential fatty acids.  Your skin will feel silky smooth after using this luxurious and silicone-free oil! (Hey, it's about time you call dibs on a little ‘me time’!) 

Unwind and relax with these luxurious scents of our Relaxing Body & Massage Oils! Directions are simple: just apply a small amount to your entire body and prepare to melt into relaxation! Get the ultimate in moisture glow, and choose from six deliciously scented options! (No need to ingest- just enjoy the smell!)

Coconut - Take a break from the grind with our Relaxing Body & Massage Oils. Our sweet & creamy tropical coconut oil will have you feeling like you just stepped off a sunny beach (without the hassle of actually leaving your house)! Glide on over and melt away stress with our invigorating massage oil!

Vanilla Lace - Introducing Relaxing Body & Massage Oils: the perfect treat for a luxurious spa day at home! Enjoy the sensual scents of creamy vanilla mingling with spicy musk for an aromatherapy experience like no other! Upgrade your self-care routine with a fragrance that'll leave you smitten!

Unscented - Treat yourself to a soothing massage with our Relaxing Body & Massage Oils! This natural, unscented oil is like the cherry on top of a luxurious spa experience - without leaving the house! Slip into a state of maximum relaxation with each deep, stress-melting stroke. Ahhh!

Sweet Sugar - Bring some sweet relaxation into your life with our Relaxing Body & Massage Oils! Our delicious duo of Strawberry and Cotton Candy oils will give you a cozy hug and leave you smelling sweeter than your favorite candy store. Trust us, after one massage session with these oils, you'll be (Cotton)Candied away!

Lavender -Ease away your worries and let yourself drift away with these Relaxing Body & Massage Oils! The sweet floral and herbaceous scents will have you feeling like you’re walking through a meadow—just don’t be fooled, the lavender essential oil packs a serious punch when it comes to relaxation. Talk about a heavenly vibe!

Fruity Passion - Experience a heaven-sent spa day at home with our Relaxing Body & Massage Oils! Enjoy a luxurious massage with the light scents of pineapple, peach & citrus that'll have you feeling like you're on vacation. Melt away the stress of the day and ultimately chill out! ;)

Take your relaxation game to the next level with our Relaxing Body & Massage Oils! Pamper yourself with 118ml of natural luxury that comes in a sleek, stylish container featuring an easy-pour flip top lid. Those late night chill sessions will be the stuff of dreams, and your muscles will be forever grateful! Ahhh... splash 'n' kick back!

Ingredients: Oryza sativa bran oil (Rice bran oil), Ethylhexyl palmitate, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Fragrance / Essential Oil, Butyrospermum parkii oil (Shea Nut Oil), Triheptanoin (and) c13-15 alkane, Tocopherol