Wax Melt and Melter Care Guide

Tips on how to remove your wax safely and how to care for your wax melter

We all love the ambiance of a flickering candle but there are times when we want to enjoy a freshly scented room without the worry of a flame or trimming a wick. If you want to make your home smell amazing where a flame is not desirable, then enjoy our soy blend wax melts in your favorite warmer for long hours.  Our melts are hand poured and made to order in small batches so each melt may have different variances but the fragrance will not be affected. 
Wax Melts are to be used only in melters designed for wax melting. Scents by Shaizy provides each customer with a plastic spatula to help removing your wax easier.  This is such a great tool we can all appreciate for removing wax from your clamshell and from your melter cup.  We would hate to know your beautiful wax melter got scratched by using a knife or sharp object to remove your wax. 
  • Break off your desired amount of wax to place in your approved wax melter. Turn on your melter and wait for the wonderful aroma to release into your space. 
  • You can easily remove your warm wax with a cotton ball or paper towel and dispose. Be careful with hot wax
  • If your wax is completely cooled  in your melter, use your spatula to remove.  Our Soy Blend wax is a softer wax that is easily removable. Try turning on your melter for a few minutes to heat up the bottom layer of wax for easy clean out. 
  • If you notice that your wax in your clamshell is to soft to remove, pop your clamshell in the freezer for a few minutes for easy pop out. 
Melters are a great addition to any home decor. with proper use and cleaning, your melter can last you for many years.  Please read the instruction manual on your wax melter for proper usage and warnings.  
  • Do no leave unattended and keep away from children and pets. 
  • Always use a heat resistant service. Melting times should be kept at 4 hrs max per time, this will keep your melter from overheating and possibly cracking. 
  • Refrain from adding water to your melter.  Only approved wax should be used. Always keep your melter clean with a simple wipe so wax is away from the bulb, sides and plug area.  
  • Always be careful touching your hot melter, wait for your melter to cool down so you can remove your wax safely.  If your wax is completely cooled, Don't worry we gotcha covered! Use your Scents by Shaizy spatula insead of removing with a knife or sharp object  that will scratch and damage your melter.  Scratched / Damaged melters will lose its effectiveness and will stop working properly where you may not smell your beautiful scents.
  • Melt enough wax to equal 1/2 inch deep in your melter and refill when necessary.