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Lilacs & Lilies Fragrance Oil

Lilacs & Lilies

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Discover the beauty of spring year-round with our delightful Lilacs & Lilies Fragrance Oil! Take a deep breath and get ready to be transported to a sun-drenched field of wildflowers, as you revel in the vibrant top notes of lilac, ylang ylang and lily of the valley, with a sweet deep-rooted blend of jasmine, rose and lavender! Finish off with a lingering musk and take in the fresh, floral aroma. Ahhh-mazing!! 


Unleash the delightful smell of Lilacs & Lilies Fragrance Oil with this 10ml bottle of concentrated essential oils. Ideal for use in a diffuser designed for oils, this is a great way to add a natural and pleasant aroma to any space. Care should be taken when handling and use; do not ingest the oil and keep out of reach of children and pets.