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Twiggle my Giggleberries | Handmade Soap
Handmade Soap | Made in Ontario

Twiggle my Giggleberries

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Refresh your senses with Twiggle my Giggleberries, a funny-smelling delight! The sugary blend of crisp, pungent green apple, raspberry, cranberry, citrus, pineapple, and a hint of banana is sure to send your nose into a fit of giggles. Get your sniff on and twiggle your giggleberries today! 

Sold per piece 4oz/114g.  Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils Of (Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil), Aqua, Essential/Fragrance Oil, Kaolin Clay, Colorant.

Giggle until you twiggle! Twiggle my Giggleberries is the perfect way to brighten up your day! Each handmade soap bar is designed with creativity and topped off with a fragrant scent. No more dull showers - lather up in laughter and spot test before use! Just make sure it doesn't come in contact with your eyes. Twig-twig-twiggle!