Visit us at The 400 Market, Innisfil On Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm and at St.Jacobs Farmers Market 878 Weber St N,Woolwich On Thursday 8am-3pm and Saturday 7am - 3:30pm | REMEMBER TO TRIM YOUR WICK EVERY TIME BEFORE LIGHTING YOUR CANDLE

Made in Canada | Calming Campfire  | Scents By Shaizy
Made in Canada | Best  Campfire  Scents | Scents By Shaizy
Made in Canada | Calming Campfire | Scents By Shaizy

Calming Campfire

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Campfires is one of our favorite things to do and this one sure did beat our expectations to the fullest. Smells just like the smoke from a campfire.  This is what memories are made of. 

Our candles are hand poured for quality in an elegant reusable jar and made to order in small batches so each candle may have different variances but the fragrance will not be affected. They are made with a para soy wax blend with lead & zinc free wicks.  Please refer back to our Wick and Candle Care Guide. Your 6.50 oz candles should have a burn time of approximately 30+ hours  with proper care